What should my child wear?

If your child has a leotard then that’s great but if not don’t worry, leggings or shorts and a t shirt are fine. Bare feet please and don’t forget extra layers in the winter! If you would like to purchase any of our club kit you can do that here (link to order form)

What if I’m late?

The warm-up is important for preparing the body and mind for the class to come. As such we reserve the right to refuse entry to children who attend later than 10 minutes after the listed start time.

I can’t make my class this week, can I have a make-up session?

Unfortunately as all of our classes are currently full it is not possible to swap classes around on a week by week basis.

Do I have to stay on site during my child’s class?

No, but please ensure the club has up to date contact details for you before leaving the site.

I need to speak to a coach about something, what is the best way to speak to them?

If your query is not urgent we ask that you put this in an email to members.esg@outlook.com. If your query cannot wait until after your child’s class then please speak to the coach at the door. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that a specific coach will be free to speak during coaching hours.

Can I move my child’s class day or time?

Yes, as long as the class you wish to move to is of the same level and has an available space. If you would like to move classes please email members.esg@outlook.com

Can I get a refund?

All payments are non-refundable

What is the club membership fee for?

This membership gives the holder discount and priority booking for camps and pay as you go classes. The fee goes towards the clubs County, Regional and British Gymnastics affiliation

What is the British Gymnastics membership for?

This membership provides your child’s insurance for their participation in the sport

Do I have to pay my fees monthly?

Yes and no – fees for all classes are always added to your child’s account on a monthly basis. If you would prefer to pay by any other time scale this is fine as long as the total monthly fee has been paid to the account before the date fees are added. If you have any further queries about fees please contact our accounts department at sales.esg@outlook.com

What are your ratios?

These vary by class but are always under the British Gymnastics recommended ratios to provide a better quality class. Typically ratios are 1 coach to 6 children.

Is there anything I need to do before my child’s first class?

Please ensure their British Gymnastics membership has been completed, any relevant fees have been paid and you have informed the club of anything that may be important e.g. if your child has any medical needs that we need to be aware of.

Is there anything else I need to know?

It would be really helpful for the coaches and the smooth running of the class if your child is ready to start straight away – please be on time to class, go to the toilet beforehand and have shoes off ready to go in when the door is opened.